Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment


Although this treatment has been around for several years now, the concept has been tweaked a bit over the years. Upon the introduction of this treatment, the machine first utilized a gritty substance that was sprayed over and across the skin via a small hand piece. This was most commonly seen as aluminum oxide crystals. In addition to the exfoliation that was achieved by this, microdermabrasion also had the ability to “vacuum” the superficial layers of the skin resulting in increased blood flow.

Although most skin types will benefit from this, rosacea prone skin and sensitive skin types never did well with this treatment due to increased sensitivity. As time went on, some companies then began to introduce a modified version of this by changing the surface of the tip to various textures to exfoliate, as opposed to using the crystals.

Now we see these same machines spraying and infusing various skin solutions of AHA’s, lightening agents, and antioxidants as a final step after the actual exfoliation.

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