Skin Treatments

Skin Treatments

From early on, we learn that having a smooth, clear complexion is an attribute of physical attractiveness. However, as we age, maintaining that healthy glow becomes more difficult. The face is the most exposed part of the body, vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun. The face is also subject to acne, rashes, allergic reactions, and injuries that may leave permanent scars.

This website will give you a basic understanding of commonly used treatments for managing skin, when they can help, what they involve and what results you can expect. It can’t answer all of your questions, since a lot depends on your individual circumstances, so making an appointment with Cheryl Ann is best advised.

Ask Cheryl Ann anything you don’t understand about the treatment you’re considering, and she will certainly guide you in the right direction.

A number of non-surgical options, or “refinishing” treatments, are available for individuals who want to eliminate or soften imperfections on their facial skin and achieve a clearer, fresher look. These treatments include alpha hydroxy acids, (sometimes called “fruity acids”), which are natural fruit substances blended into facial preparations and are used to eliminate rough or dried surface skin, TCA peels (some of which are superficial, and some a little more aggressive) and Retinol treatments that change the cellular metabolism of the skin’s surface and is used to combat fine facial wrinkles and blotches from sun damage.

Each of these treatments can be used alone, combined together, or are frequently prescribed in conjunction with non surgical options such as IPL, injections (Botox, Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, etc). The goal and expectations of the client are discussed thoroughly, prior to any program being suggested, as Cheryl Ann refers to the physician(s) and vice-versa.