Lack of Firmness

Creepy Skin / Lack of Firmness

As time marches on, some of us are more susceptible to crinkly “crepe paper” -like skin. Fairer skin, individuals who have had a lot of exposure to the sun with no protection, can be placed in a category that it tends to appears quicker. Whereas darker skin, because of thickness and pigment production, has been able to protect itself over the years from all the damage.

As the skin slowly ages, one will find it tends to become dry and appear a little thinner with less support underneath it. Although many topical products can add to improving this natural process, the clock is slowly ticking.

Hormonal changes can often lead to dry skin making it appear creepy as well. The natural layers of fat along with the extra cellular matrix (collagen and elastin) can also be depleted making the “mattress”  of our skin be less firm.  Of course, there are fillers, laser procedures, in addition to tightening procedures, that can aid in setting the clock back and plumping that skin back up.

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Ingredients that we like for creepiness: retinols, AHA’s, peptides, and hydrating agents.

The above ingredients work in a synergistic fashion; As we get rid of the old skin and encourage new (retinols and AHA’s) , we can then strengthen up the new cells that are building (peptides) and hydrate them (moisturizers) to volumize the skin and its overall appearance. Antioxidants are great long term protectors internally for the skin cells whereas the SPF ‘s that we apply daily can help to protect long term on a superficial level .

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