Hyperpigmentation is the of excess of pigment, or melanin, in the skin that is unsightly to most and a struggle for many. Often referred to as freckles, sun spots, age spots, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and/or melasma, they are all types of hyperpigmentation which can be improved with topical products as well as in-office treatments.

The most common areas that individuals complain of are the face, chest, arms, and hands. Although theses areas of concern differ for all individuals, they are typically treated the same.

Most commonly seen is sun damage. This obviously comes from over exposure to the sun, especially long-term. Outdoor activities such as boating, sunbathing, tennis, golf, etc. are all instigators. Often appears as “freckles and speckles”.

Melasma is also a very common form of hyperpigmentation. This can be known as pregnancy mask, hormonally induced pigment, or chloasma.
While treatable, this pigment happens to be one of the most difficult types of hyperpigmentation due to the hormonal fluctuations that trigger this pigment production, and the depth of which it can reside in the skin.

The most superficial and easiest form of pigment to improve is known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, otherwise known as “PIH”. PIH develops when the skin goes into “protection mode ” and produces pigment at the site of inflammation. Examples of this are brown spots that develop after a pimple is present, or pigment that develops after one burns the skin from a curling iron, waxing, a possible incident at the stove, or any hot device. Once again, the pigment comes into the skin as a level of protection.

There are various levels of treatment for all types of hyperpigmentation. Most professionals will insist on homecare/topical ingredients, followed by superficial peels, and then possibly introduce a laser or a BBL/IPL treatment in the event that improvement is not significant enough.

If you suffer from any type of hyperpigmentation, professional advice is the best way to begin the process of improvement. Cheryl has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hyperpigmentation. Working in South Florida for over two decades, Cheryl has seen some of the most challenging pigment issues. She has several products and programs that are designed to help with these concerns and guard against further discolorations. Healthy, shiny new skin is always her goal!

Contact Cheryl today for a complimentary skin care consultation. After consulting with Cheryl Ann, she will design a program for you. This will include not only the recommended treatments, but a home regimen as well.