Before and After Photos of Deep Skin Cleansing


Acne is a skin condition that may consist of many imperfections such as whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, pimples, cysts or nodules. Aside from the face, acne can be present on the body as well. There are many factors that contribute and cause acne. Dead cellular build up and oil are typically seen in milder cases, known as grade 1 acne and grade 2 acne. When bacteria and inflammation are present, it is usually a more aggressive form referred to as grade 3 acne or grade 4 acne.

With acne grade 1 -2, which typically appear as small bumps and clogged pores, alpha/beta hydroxy acids are incorporated into a program in order to dissolve excess oil and create cell turnover. This will result in a fresher cleaner skin with less build up in the pores. Good home care and cleaning routines are critical to see results. Each individual is different and may have other factors in their life contributing to the acne such as diet, hormonal fluctuations, and/or stress.

Grades 3-4 acne are treated a little more aggressively. Along with the dead skin and oil, sometimes within the pore, bacteria have a perfect environment for multiplying very quickly. This combination can inflame the pore and turn into what is known as a cyst or nodule. If the inflammation is extreme, this may also result in a small amount of tissue destruction and/or residual scarring. In addition to the alpha/beta hydroxy products, benzoyl peroxide might be added into the program as well as sometimes prescription medications.

As with most all skin conditions, if left untreated acne can get worse. Consulting with a professional is always best. Cheryl works with a lot of patients who suffer from acne, but also works along side of the dermatologists in her office to combine programs to treat this skin condition a little more clinically if needed.

Contact Cheryl today for a complimentary skin care consultation. After consulting with Cheryl Ann, she will design a program for you. This will include not only the recommended treatments, but a home regimen as well.