What do you think of your skin?

At SkinThoughts.com we are here to provide you with the latest and most innovative skin care thoughts, skin care treatments, and products for your skin. The following will guide you in treating various skin concerns including pigment disorders, acne, and anti-aging.

In today’s world, we are subjected to hundreds of products to treat a wide array of skin conditions and complaints. It can be a bit overwhelming, which is why SkinThoughts.com was created.

Your first step in getting the best skin possible, is to decide to make a conscious effort in taking great care of it. As we age, several changes occur within the skin- and we must keep up with those changes!

Having the basic program of cleansers, toners, sun protection and treatment are a great start. However, knowing what your biggest complaints with your skin are tend to be extremely important, especially when trying your choose your new program.

Some of the most common complaints are skin color and clarity (dullness), acne (adolescent and adult), sensitivities (rosacea and compromised skin), and hyperpigmentation (melasma, sundamage). Once you know your biggest complaint, it will then allow you to choose the proper product and treatment regimen!